About Glen Rock Newcomers and Neighbors

Welcome to Glen Rock Newcomers and Neighbors! Our group was created as a way to bring together both new and established residents of Glen Rock. 

Our diverse membership includes singles, couples, and families. Residents join to meet new people, build relationships and network.

Throughout the year we host a large variety of local events - from Ladies’ Night Out to Kids’ Field Trips to Couples’ Cocktail Parties. We also provide ample opportunity to give back to the community via volunteering events.

Finally, know that Members like to share resources! Do you need a doctor or babysitter recommendation? Do you want to know the best park to take your 2 year old to? Just post in our forums and you will receive a plethora of ideas and referrals.

We look forward to getting to know you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do my Membership Fees Cover?

Your membership fees cover your association in the club.  With that, you will receive updated information on upcoming events, activities, and information on your neighbors within the organization.  You will be linked to your community.

Do I need to buy a Membership for each member of my household?

One fee covers your entire family.

Who can join GRNN?

Anyone.  We are a not-for-profit organization that allows anyone to join, pending the payment of yearly membership dues. 

I want to help with GRNN.  How can I find out more on how to get more involved?

Contact the President, Katie Manning, at or anyone on the current board.  We are always looking for new people to help this organization continue to thrive.

What is a group?

Groups are a way for our Members to connect over common interests.  Interested in playdates? Join a group.  Want to meet more Glen Rock couples? There's a group for that!

I want to advertise my business with GRNN.  How can I become a sponsor?

Please contact Katie at for information about becoming a sponsor. 

Who can attend the events?

Anyone who is a Member of GRNN can attend events. Please use our website to RSVP.

What can I use the website for?

The website is a perfect way to stay connected throughout the year.  It is an easy way to connect to other members, get referrals, share resources, and find out and RSVP to events.  If you need help maneuvering through the website, contact Laura at for assistance.

Can I try out an event before paying my Membership dues?

Events are for Members Only with the exception of 1-2 "Open House" type events we throw each year.  



General questions? You can email us at

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